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Connected, Embedded Devices

Big Data Middleware

Highly-optimized Cloud Infrastructures



Connected, Embedded Devices

Connected and embedded devices are finding their way into more and more areas of our everyday lives. Examples are transportation, commerce, or electronic health. The ubiquity of those devices stresses the importance of their seamless interaction, but also imposes new challenges with respect to security and privacy.

Learn more about our research projects in this area [1]

Big Data Middleware

The size of the available digital data is growing rapidly. In order to handle this enormous flood of data in an efficient manner, new scalable and adaptive processing middlewares, spanning entire data centers, gain more and more attention.

Learn more about our research projects in this area [2]

Highly-optimized Cloud Infrastructures

A solid technical foundation on Cloud Computing was developed over the last years ranging from resource allocation on the Infrastructure as a Service layer, job and application execution on the Platform as a Service layer, to software and service usage on the Software as a Service layer. This foundation allows the access of resources according to the pay-as-you-go principle without the need for any upfront capital expenses, long-term commitment, or significant provisioning delay. However, this cloud concept brought many new challenges with respect to Service Level Agreements, Software-defined networking, Energy awareness, Scalability, Availability, and Reliability.

Learn more about our research projects in this area [3]


Odej Kao
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Room E-N 158
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