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Decentralized Cloud Storage Using Blockchain

One Big Data challenge is to deal with the exponentially growing data volumes. A central question thereby is how to store some of theses data long-term reliable, for instance, contracts or other business critical documents. Therefore, not frequent accessed data is often moved to a separate storage thats designed for long-term storage. Even these systems provide backup strategies, in a worth case scenario, data can be modified or deleted accidentally or maliciously without notification. Therefore, file integrity monitoring, provenance and proof-of-existence are important features. For instance, to securely record the history of the creation and operations performed on a data object. In recent years, blockchains technology, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, has expanded its reach from monetary exchange to other research field.


The goal of theses in this area is to design strategies and implement prototypes that support secure and reliable long-term storage for existing storage systems. These includes designing, implementing, and evaluating new prototypes based on Ethereum blockchain, data structures such as Merkle Trees and file systems like HDFS. The evaluation will be done on one of our clusters.



Basic knowledge in block chain and file system technology, java or scala programming skills, and git.


For further information feel free to contact me, thomas.renner(at)tu-berlin.de.

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