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BA: Virtualization of IoT Topologies

As a result of the many technical advances in microcomputers and mobile connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been on the rise in the recent decade. Due to the broad spectrum of applications, networks facilitating IoT scenarios can be of very different scale and complexity. Additionally, connected devices are uncommonly heterogeneous, including micro controllers, smartphones, fog nodes and server infrastructures. Therefore, testing IoT applications is difficult, motivating adequate tool support. To test applications independently of the availability of required devices, virtual IoT networks are necessary. This includes the virtualization of devices and easily instantiable virtual networks with adjustable properties.

A possible topic might include

  • Graphical and non-graphical approaches towards virtual IoT testbed setups
  • Scalable IoT device emulation
  • Task deployment in globally distributed IoT systems containing micro controllers

Interested students should be able to work largely autonomous and have some experience with scientific writing (for example from a seminar paper).

If this sounds interesting to you, please send me an email with a little bit of background information on yourself, so we can quickly identify a fitting thesis topic together.



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