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Pseudonymous Authentication and Authorization enhancing ubiquitious Identity Management [14]

Thomas Hildmann and Thomas J. Wilke

Proceedings ISSE 2005 2005

Download Bibtex entry [15]

AssessGrid: Risk Management in the Grid [16]

Matthias Hovestadt


Download Bibtex entry [17]

HPC4U and WS-Agreement [18]

Matthias Hovestadt


Download Bibtex entry [19]

Service Level Agreement Aware Resource Management [20]

Matthias Hovestadt

2006 Universität Paderborn

Download Bibtex entry [21]

Fault Tolerance Mechanisms for SLA-aware Resource Management [22]

M. Hovestadt

Workshop on Reliability and Autonomic Management of Parallel and Distributed Systems (RAMPDS-05), at 11th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS2005), Fukuoka, Japan 2005

Download Bibtex entry [23]

Closing the Gap between Resource Management and the Next Generation Grid [24]

Matthias Hovestadt


Download Bibtex entry [25]

Grafische Modellierung von weitverteiltem Workflow-Management - Konzeption und grafische Modellierung eines Planungswerkzeuges für das Wide Area GroupFlow System [26]

Matthias Hovestadt

1999 Universität-GH Paderborn

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Sicherung von Dienstg�ten in Grid Systemen [28]

Matthias Hovestadt and Odej Kao

20. DFN-Arbeitstagung, Heilbronn 2006

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SLA-aware Job Migration in Grid Environments [30]

Matthias Hovestadt and Odej Kao and Axel Keller

Proceedings of the Advanced Research Workshop on High Performance Computing: Technology and Applications (HPC) 2004

Download Bibtex entry [31]

Scheduling in HPC Resource Management Systems: Queuing vs. Planning [32]

Matthias Hovestadt and Odej Kao and Axel Keller and Achim Streit

Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing (JSSPP 2003), LNCS 2862. Springer, 1-20. 2003

Download Bibtex entry [33]

Evaluating Adaptive Compression to Mitigate the Effects of Shared I/O in Clouds [34]

Hovestadt, Matthias and Kao, Odej and Kliem, Andreas and Warneke, Daniel

Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing Workshops and PhD Forum. IEEE Computer Society, 1042–1051. 2011

Download Bibtex entry [35]

The First Step of Introducing Risk Management for Prepossessing SLAs. [36]

Matthias Hovestadt and Odej Kao and Kerstin Voss

Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2006), 36-43. 2006

Download Bibtex entry [37]

Paderborn, Belgien, Frankreich und zurück - Rechenjobs auf dem Weg durch Europa [38]

Matthias Hovestadt and Axel Keller and Kerstin Voss


Download Bibtex entry [39]

First Steps of a Monitoring Framework to Empower Risk Assessment on Grids [40]

Matthias Hovestadt and Nicolas Lerch and Holger Nitsche and Kerstin Vo�

Cracow Grid Workshop 2006

Download Bibtex entry [41]

Transformation Middleware for Heterogeneous Healthcare Data in Mobile E-health Environments [42]

Ivanov, Dimo and Kliem, Andreas and Kao, Odej

Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Second International Conference on Mobile Services. IEEE Computer Society, 39–46. 2013

Link to publication [43] Download Bibtex entry [44]

An approach combining routing and resource sharing in wireless ad hoc networks using swarm-intelligence [45]

Peter Janacik and Odej Kao and Ulf Rerrer

Proceedings of the 7th ACM/IEEE Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM 2004). CTi Press, 31-40. 2004

Download Bibtex entry [46]

A routing approach using swarm-intelligence for resource sharing in wireless ad hoc networks [47]

Peter Janacik and Odej Kao and Ulf Rerrer

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Trends in Communications (SYMPOTIC 2004). IEEE Press, 170-174. 2004

Download Bibtex entry [48]

Simultaneous Editing of JSON Objects via Operational Transformation [49]

Jungnickel, Tim and Herb, Tobias

ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. ACM, 812–815. 2016

Link to publication [50] Download Bibtex entry [51]

Pluto: The CRDT-Driven IMAP Server [52]

Jungnickel, Tim and Oldenburg, Lennart

Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data. ACM, 1:1–1:5. 2017

Link to publication [53] Download Bibtex entry [54]

formic: Building Collaborative Applications with Operational Transformation [55]

Jungnickel, Tim and Bräunlich, Ronny

International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems. Springer, to appear. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [56]

Designing a Planetary-Scale IMAP Service with Conflict-free Replicated Data Types [57]

Jungnickel, Tim and Oldenburg, Lennart and Loibl, Matthias

International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems. LIPIcs, 23:1–23:17. 2018

Download Bibtex entry [58]

TP1-valid Transformation Functions for Operations on ordered n-ary Trees (Technical Report) [59]

Tim Jungnickel and Tobias Herb

Technical Report. arxiv.org. 2015

Link to publication [60] Download Bibtex entry [61]


Ephemeral Materialization Points in Stratosphere Data Management on the Cloud [62]

Mareike Höger, Odej Kao, Philipp Richter, Daniel Warneke

Advances in Parallel Computing, 163 - 181. 2013

Download Bibtex entry [63]

A Constructive Proof for FLP [64]

Benjamin Bisping and Paul-David Brodmann and Tim Jungnickel and Christina Rickmann and Henning Seidler and Anke Stüber and Arno Wilhelm-Weidner and Kirstin Peters and Uwe Nestmann

Archive of Formal Proofs 2016

Link to publication [65] Download Bibtex entry [66]

The IMAP CmRDT [67]

Tim Jungnickel and Lennart Oldenburg and Matthias Loibl

Archive of Formal Proofs 2017

Link to publication [68] Download Bibtex entry [69]


Nephele streaming: stream processing under QoS constraints at scale [70]

Lohrmann, Björn and Warneke, Daniel and Kao, Odej

Cluster Computing. Springer, 1–18. 2013

Download Bibtex entry [71]

Mary, Hugo, and Hugo*: Learning to Schedule Distributed Data-Parallel Processing Jobs on Shared Clusters [72]

Lauritz Thamsen, Jossekin Beilharz, Vinh Thuy Tran, Sasho Nedelkoski, and Odej Kao

Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. Wiley, e5823. 2020

Link to publication [73] Download Bibtex entry [74]


Reformulating XPath queries and XSLT queries on XSLT views [75]

Sven Groppe and Stefan Böttcher and Georg Birkenheuer and André Höing

Journal of Data and Knowledge Engineering. Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., 64-110. 2006

Download Bibtex entry [76]

Rollen als Schlüssel für B2B-Anwendungen [77]

Thomas Gebhardt and Thomas Hildmann

DuD - Datenschutz und Datensicherheit 2000

Download Bibtex entry [78]


ClaVIPS – System zur Analyse und Pr�sentation von MPEG komprimierten Newsfeeds [79]

Guido Falkemeier and Odej Kao

Fachzeitschrift f�r Fernsehen, Film und Elektronische Medien, 354-358. 1999

Download Bibtex entry [80]

Weniger Fehler und Risiken durch Grid Computing [81]

Odej Kao and Dominic Battre and Andre Brinkmann and Georg Birkenheuer and Kerstin Voss

Forschungsforum, 30-35. 2010

Download Bibtex entry [82]

Grid Computing: Kooperation und gemeinsame Nutzung vernetzter Ressourcen [83]

Odej Kao and Matthias Hovestadt

Forschungsforum, 16-21. 2005

Download Bibtex entry [84]


Service-level agreement aggregation for quality of service-aware federated cloud networking [85]

Stanik, Alexander and Koerner, Marc and Kao, Odej

IET Networks Journal. Institution of Engineering and Technology. 2015

Link to publication [86] Download Bibtex entry [87]

Cloud-basierte Infrastrukturen [88]

Philipp Berndt and Matthias Hovestadt and Odej Kao and Daniel Warneke

IM Fachzeitschrift für Information Management & Consulting, 18–24. 2011

Download Bibtex entry [89]

Dienstg�tegarantien und Fehlertoleranz in Grid Computing [90]

Matthias Hovestadt and Odej Kao

IM Fachzeitschrift f�r Information Management & Consulting, 40-44. 2005

Download Bibtex entry [91]

Internet Supported Analysis and Presentation of MPEG Compressed Newsfeeds [92]

Guido Falkemeier and Gerhard Joubert and Odej Kao

International Journal of Computers and Applications, 129-136. 2001

Download Bibtex entry [93]

The BIS-Grid Engine: An Orchestration as a Service Infrastructure [94]

André Höing and Guido Scherp and Stefan Gudenkauf

International Journal of Computing, 96–104. 2009

Download Bibtex entry [95]

Caching of Intermediate Results in DHT-based RDF Stores [96]

Dominic Battré

International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies (IJMSO). Inderscience Publishers, 84-93. 2008

Download Bibtex entry [97]


On Parallel Image Retrieval with Dynamically Extracted Features [98]

Odej Kao

Journal for Parallel Computing. Elsevier, 700-709. 2008

Download Bibtex entry [99]

Load Balancing in P2P Networks: Using Statistics to Fight Data and Execution Skew [100]

Daniel Warneke and Christian Dannewitz

Journal of Advances in Information Technology (JAIT) - Special Issue on Advances in P2P Technology. Academy Publisher, 40–49. 2011

Link to publication [101] Download Bibtex entry [102]

Operation of an SLA-aware Grid Fabric [103]

M. Hovestadt

Journal of Computer Science, 550-557. 2006

Download Bibtex entry [104]

Adaptive Online Compression in Clouds—Making Informed Decisions in Virtual Machine Environments [105]

Hovestadt, Matthias and Kao, Odej and Kliem, Andreas and Warneke, Daniel

Journal of Grid Computing. Springer Netherlands, 1-20. 2013

Link to publication [106] Download Bibtex entry [107]

On Architecture for Sla-aware Workflows in Grid Environments. [108]

Dang Minh Quan and Odej Kao

Journal of Interconnection Networks, 245-264. 2005

Download Bibtex entry [109]

Query Processing in DHT Based RDF Stores [110]

Dominic Battré and Odej Kao

Journal of Internet Technology (JIT), 183-193. 2009

Download Bibtex entry [111]

Efficient Image Retrieval on Distributed Cluster Architectures [112]

Odej Kao

Journal of Internet Technology, Special Issue on Distributed Multimedia Information Systems, 284-292. 2001

Download Bibtex entry [113]

MPI framework for parallel searching in large biological databases [114]

Dominic Battré and David S. Angulo

Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 1503-1511. 2006

Download Bibtex entry [115]

On Parallel Image Retrieval using Template Matching [116]

Odej Kao

Journal of Parallel Computing. Elsevier. 2004

Download Bibtex entry [117]

Mosaic-based Sketching Interface for Image Databases [118]

Ingo la Tendresse and Odej Kao

Journal of Visual Languages and Computing. Elsevier, 275�293. 2004

Download Bibtex entry [119]


RehaInterAct–Der sensorbasierte Therapieraum der Zukunft [120]

Grohnert, Anne and Bölke, Anett and Häusler, Benny and Irmscher, Boris and John, Michael and Kliem, Andreas and Kock, Gerd and Piesk, Jens and Polak, Marco

Mensch und Computer 2015–Workshopband. De Gruyter Oldenbourg. 2015

Download Bibtex entry [121]


Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the Cloud [122]

Daniel Warneke and Odej Kao

Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on. IEEE Press, 985-997. 2011

Link to publication [123] Download Bibtex entry [124]

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