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BA: A Scalable Health Map Web-Visualization of Large IT Infrastructures

Precipitated through the drastic global increase in bandwidth and internet traffic, network operators and service providers have to keep up with this trend by enlarging their infrastructure. Additional, the demand for service specific requirements enforces a transformation from dedicated hardware solution to virtualized cloud systems. The result is an enormous grow of infrastructure complexity. Monitoring and maintaining such systems becomes increasingly harder. Nevertheless, the expected reliability remains. Therefore, a visual representation of the current system healthiness forms a rising demand in order provide assistance to system administrators.

The goal of the bachelor thesis is to design and implement a scalable health map visualization in form of a web application, including (i) design and implementation of an interface to a existing Neo4j graphDB back-end, (ii) design and implementation of the web-visualization considering scalability policies that allow the system to visualize an infrastructure of up to several 1000 components and (iii) provide evaluation results in terms of page build-up time and delay between back-end updates and front-end visualization.


  • Review state of the art systems and scientific literature regarding the visualization of large infrastructures.
  • Gathering an overview of possible web visualization frameworks (D3.js, Processing.js, Raphael.js…). Deciding for a framework that suits the requirements.
  • Design and implementation of the back-end interface, scalability policies and web front-end solution.
  • Evaluate the result based on the above mentioned aspects.

If this sounds interesting to you, please come talk to me or send me an email, so we can evaluate whether this thesis matches your interests and skills.

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